“For where two or three
gather in my name,
there am I with them.”

– Matthew 18:20


Hey there, servant-leader!

I am thrilled you desire to make space for others to remember the reasons they have hope in Jesus.

Whether you plan to guide your beloved Grandmother privately one-on-one, or lead a small group at your church, there are incredible benefits to journeying through this course in community with others.

  • Refreshed hope about what God can do/has been faithfully doing all along.
  • Shared and therefore increased joy (when one part rejoices – the others rejoice with it!).
  • Unity in passion and purpose.
  • Having others to hold up your arms – like the helpers Moses had – when the battles are long and you are weary.
  • Accountability to help you finish your course.
  • Strengthened fellowship and friendship.
  • Practice sharing your experiences of Jesus.
  • Greater vision and awareness of the enemy’s tactics and schemes.
  • Fresh perspective on God’s role for you in your local church body/in your family.

Want me to personally come and lead your group through a session for FREE?

I am all about strengthening your church! We are better when we journey together. Read more details below!



HOW IT WORKS: A group coupon code will be created for all group members to use. Members of your group will then use this code when they individually signup for the course for free.  During checkout you can add all the email addresses of those in your group or send the code to yourself.

Your Church

Do the members of your church feel discouraged, dissatisfied, or unfulfilled with the level of fellowship and unity with believers around them?

God’s design throughout history has been for faith communities to remember, celebrate, and share what God has done for them as a group.

You can intentionally gather a local group of believers together for this purpose.

You simply make a time and space to facilitate story-sharing.

I would be delighted to personally lead the first or final session of your group for free! Contact me if:

  1. You have a group of 25 people who purchase the course and your location is within 2 hours of Houston, TX.


2. You have a group of 50 people who purchase the course and your                location is within 4 hours of Houston, TX.


3. You have a group of 100 people who purchase the course and your location is within in the continental US.

Have a smaller group than 25 people or your location is too far away? I made a Leader Guide just for you so you can lead a small group with confidence! You will find it in the Bonus Content section inside the course.

Contact me to check my availability and schedule your group session!

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