Jesus Story Box (Starter Kit for Kids)


A Jesus Story Box is a fun way to help your child see and remember what God has done in their life. Scroll down to learn more!


What is a Jesus Story Box? 

A Jesus Story Box is a fun way to help your child see and remember what God has done in their life.

What are the figurines in the box? 

Each figurine represents something God has done for your child. Just like the memorial stones God commanded his people to set up when they first stepped into their promised land (Joshua 4:5-7), the figurines encourage your child to remember and tell a story of God’s goodness towards them. There are 4 figurines provided: a compass, treasure, a cross, and a donut. ***PLEASE NOTE: The figurines in each box may vary from the figurines pictured due to what is currently availble to me. EXAMPLE: you may receive a similar cross with a different design. The figurines are pictured to demonstrate you will receive 4 fun, kid-friendly, nice quality figurines.

What do I need to do? 

When you buy a Jesus Story Box Starter Kit, you will be emailed an ebook with very simple, step-by-step directions to help your child remember, write down, and share their Jesus story.
This will take approx. 10-15 minutes, one day per week.

What is in the ebook? 

Simple step-by-step interview style questions that will help your child see and understand what God has done for them. These are called “story prompts”. There are a total of 4 story prompts provided.

Tips to help you:

– Create your story sharing rhythm as a family
– How to keep Jesus as the Main Character and focus of their story

Best of all, a Jesus Story Box will:  

  • Help your child recognize God loves them, personally.
  • Help your child see and hear how important they are to God.
  • It will get them excited to actively look for ways God is being faithful to them.
  • Create an easy way to remember and celebrate God’s goodness.
  • They will feel the joy that comes with sharing about God’s loving kindness.
  • They will naturally want to share their stories about God with others.
  • It will remind them true life is all about God’s love.


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