This is Attached to Every Thought You Have

August 8, 2019

These make me happy every time I see them.

This is my life right now, friend.
Especially that last one. #MomLife

( pic via @letterfolk)

( pic via @letterfolk)

( pic via @letterfolk)


Really imagine that last one. :) #Mercy #SoCreepy

Now, no matter when you think of these in the future, I’ve created a literal, physical happy spot in your brain. You’re welcome. :)

Because it’s a scientific fact - every one of your thoughts have emotions attached to them. Every single one.

It’s why you can quote your favorite movies lines with your family and smile as you remember the scene or a character's expression even if you haven’t seen the film in a decade.

It's why you can't contain a grin if you exchange glances with your friend and know they are thinking about the hilariously terrible thing that happened on your trip together. 

It's why you're already laughing when you're pulling up a picture or post on your phone you saw earlier in the day to share with your spouse.

Your memories have emotions attached to them.

God designed this connection. In doing so, God has given us a great gift of influence over the hope we feel.

Hope is more than a feeling - it is confident expectation. And your hope in the relentless faithfulness of Jesus to you has some beautiful feelings and confident expectation that are attached to your thoughts and memories.

If you know much of my story at all, you know my history has some intense, dark, brutally painful and broken parts to it. I’m sure yours does, too.

But hear me: No matter what your life story has included - the biggest, greatest, most consistent part of your past is Jesus.

He’s been there every single moment. Loving you from the time you were only a thought in His mind.

And don’t think for one second that His thoughts don’t have a deep well of emotions attached to them. The Bible doesn’t leave that open to question.

You were made in His likeness. He has so many thoughts about you - if you were to count them, they’d outnumber the grains of sand. He is unashamedly passionate about you!

He has delighted over you from the time He knit you together in your mother’s womb, and even now as your heart takes each beat and your nose inhales each breath while reading these words.

Your ability to remember who God is, and what He has done for you, is a gift to buoy your hope and anchor your soul in Christ when the waves of life get intense and the storm rages long.  

This was my husband’s suggested contribution when I told him I was looking for pictures to put in this post to make you smile:

And I laughed because really? - getting on the ark so you don't DROWN seems like an impossible thing to let slip your mind!

Yet… how many mornings has God spoken life-saving counsel to me that I've forgotten by noon?

How many life-saving directions has He given me that I’ve forgotten until the rain has pounded me so long that the water’s up to my neck, threatening to overwhelm me?

How can you strengthen your memory so you don't “miss the boat” God has provided and drown in a flood of distraction and hard-things today?

Tomorrow I'll teach you the simple first step of how to renew your hope in a powerful way by stewarding the gift of your memory.

Now I’d love it if you reply back in a comment or with a meme on Facebook and share with me:

What is a movie or TV show you love to quote and laugh about? What is a meme or post online that made you smile?

Remember: You are so, so loved.

- Elise

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