When You Want Your Kids to Know Their Spiritual Heritage

May 8, 2019

My husband walked in and put the sacks of groceries on the counter. His eyes found mine and immediately filled with concern.

It was clear I had been crying.


I had watched the video for the song "Slow Down" by Nichole Nordeman, again.
It makes me cry every. single. time.


Where does this deep sobbing come from? 

It comes from this place where I know my time with my children is limited.

I see whole seasons passing, slipping away like hourglass sand.

Blink. Spring. Blink. Summer. Blink. Fall. Blink. Winter...

I see my children's faces and souls growing. Quickly.

Do they know deep in their bones how loved they are?

Tears claw their way up from my heart, ache burning past my throat, and fight each other to squeeze out my eyes so I don't combust with this jumbled silent prayer.

When I find words to wrap around these tears, they spill out hot and fast:

God - I want them to know how dearly I love them.
I want them to know You are faithful and trustworthy.
I want to make the lessons they learn here easier.
I want them to walk in the truth.
I want them to walk in freedom.
I want fear to have no hold on them.
I want them to know the peace and rest of Jesus.
I want to ease the hard and be a part of healing what hurts them.

I want them to trust You, God, much more than I have.

I want them to not make the same mistakes I did.

I want them to understand how EACH ONE has a unique role in Your plan that no one else can ever fill.

I want them to believe how priceless they are.
To KNOW their identity and inheritance in You.

I want to tear down the lies that keep them from living in abundant freedom.

I want to share the Way, Truth, and Life with them that will strengthen and comfort them long after I've gone home to Jesus. 

I want God to work something good and redeeming out of all I have messed up and done wrong.

I want them to know God is enough when they have nothing left.

I want them to know that Love is *always* with them even when they can't see it, don't feel it, struggle to believe it.

You see:

God made a mother's heart in the likeness of His. 

Do you know how hard His heart beats for YOU?

Do you know how He aches for you to know just how much He loves you?

Do you recognize how He displays His love for you in black and white words you can understand through the screen display you are now reading these words on right this moment? 

What does every God-likeness mother's heart most deeply want for Mother's Day?

She wants to be a powerful vessel of Love poured out towards those God has given her to raise up.

She wants to fulfill everything God put her here on earth for.

She needs your help to do this.

You are a critical part - a God-designed part - of your mom (whether your biological mom or your spiritual mother) blooming into the fullness God has in mind for her.

Every child is a world changer.
To no one more so than their own mother.

What precious mama do you want to help come alive?

What mom do you want Love to pour Himself out on?

I can think of no better Mother's Day gift than to help a mom remember and pass on God's love she has experienced in her own life.

She needs your help and encouragement to do this.

She needs to know her story matters to you.

In honor of the precious moms in your life - whether your biological mother or your spiritual mother - use the code MOMSSTORY20 to gift her the Hope & Reason course this Mother's Day at 20% off.

Help her not just ache for all these things she wants - but to take the practical steps to capture and preserve her legacy of Hope and Love that she wants to share with you.

And? Moms are afraid of messing stuff up. So - If you are able in this life season to love on her in a really extravagant, generous way consider this:

Set up a special weekly or once-a-month time where you have a couple of hours with her to ask her about her stories yourself (using the simple step-by-step questions I have laid out for you) , and write down her answers as she tells you her story. (The course is self-paced and will remain available to stop and start as needed forever and ever amen).

It is no exaggeration to say this gift will change her life. 

What a powerful way to tell a mom how important she is to you this Mother's Day! 

Go here right now to gift a mama you love Hope & Reason. (code expires Sunday, May 12th at midnight EST).


You are so, so loved.

- Elise

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