Your Ordinary Faithfulness Matters More than You Know.

April 25, 2019

It all began because they got out of bed.

Someone put their feet to the floor -- an ordinary act of faithfulness.

Someone chose to do the unseen, unsung work of making five small loaves of bread -- just a little lunch -- a completely ordinary act of faithfulness.

Someone chose to bring all they had - laughably miniscule in comparison to the need - and place the small, the all-they-could-offer, in the hands of Jesus.

Then Jesus used the Little Lunch Maker’s offering to nourish thousands upon thousands -- with baskets of food left over -- to exclamation-point His ability.

I wonder -- was the Little Lunch Maker there? Witnessing how the Great Maker demonstrated His love and power in that mass-experienced miracle?

Did they hear what His hands did with the loaves their hands had formed?

Did they ever view making a little lunch the same way again? Without recognizing the potential of even a consumable act of faithfulness in the hands of God?

It is my prayer that you are encouraged, modern-day Little Lunch Maker, that your ordinary faithfulness matters more than you know.

Keep putting your feet to the floor, your hands to those daily, consumable tasks.

Because ordinary faithfulness is the stuff of miracles.

Keep bringing your smallness, your all, to Him. He will do more than you could dream, ask, or imagine.

You are so, so loved.

From one Little Lunch Maker to Another,

- Elise




* Beautiful bread-making photo by Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash


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